“The Monkey King” (written by Jonathan & Kimbirdlee Fadner) is a theatrical retelling of an ancient Chinese legend infused with a clever storyline and heart-pumping music.  The legend has entertained all ages for centuries with a cast of mythical creatures that can transform and transcend earthly realms and triumph amidst epic battles.  But can you imagine what happens when the King is born and he is… a woman!?  The Fadners light up this tale with a shocking modern twist that will inspire everyone to take action and be inspired toward positive change. 



Character Descriptions:

Ganjuwai the Elder – The wise tribe elder, still has spurts of youthful energy.

Monkey King – The toughest monkey ever born. Clever and fearless. Doesn't take things too seriously, until she has too.

Jogo – Bulllied her whole life.  A leader deep down, she just doesn't know it yet.

Dragon King of the Sea – Loud, Egotistical & Chauvinistic, Strong Singer

Demon of Havoc – A controlling and nasty tyrant and a subject of the Jade Emperor.

Gatekeeper – The guard of the School for Immortals. Takes pride in his job.

The Immortal of the Forest - A distinguished professor of mystical knowledge (for men)

General Shrimp – Dragon King of the sea's lackey on a lady hunt.

General Tortoise - Dragon King of the sea's lackey also on a never ending hunt for the ladies.

Jade Emperor – Ruler of Heaven and Earth. Eccentric.  More is never enough. Underlying insecurity.

Jade Emperor's Herald – Thinks highly of himself. Often annoyed and “over it”.

General Bixor – Sadistic, loves war and carrying out Jade Emperor's ambitions in battle.

Grotus of the Heavenly Stables – Somewhat lecherous, the first guy most new arrivals work for in heaven.

Guan Yin – The Goddess of Mercy, has a rebellious streak in her and sees the truth in all.

Fairy Maidens – Goddesses who’s job is to entertain Jade Emperor and his subjects.  They know their place in heaven and never stop to ask why.

Monkey Tribe – The disparate inhabitants of Metal Mountain. Oppressed by the Demon of Havoc.  Waiting for a messiah, but have given up hope.

The Immortal Classmates –Students of the Immortal of the Forest

Heavenly Beings – Pay lip service to the Jade Emperor, maybe hiding true feelings.  Fearful and Violent, trained warriors.

Written by Jonathan & Kimbirdlee Fadner

Directed by Steven Eng

​The Howe Theatre

548 Main St, NY, NY 10044


Friday, Aug 3rd 8pm
Saturday, Aug 4th 2pm
Saturday, Aug 4th 8pm
Sunday, Aug 5th 8pm




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